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Hotel Property Management System

reconline's interface technology allows you to connect your property management system with the reconline|CRS. The two-way interface enables you to send data (i.e. rate and availability) to the reconline|CRS, and receive reservations into your property management system.


In addition, reconline has developed is own web-based PMS - fully integrate with the reconline|CRS.

With reconline | PMS reconline offers a Web-based Property Management System (PMS) with single-image inventory, operating traditional CRS and PMS functions from one central database.

reconline|PMS is comprehensive in scope with easy-to-use, feature-rich functions that can be easily adapted for both hotel chains and independent properties.

reconline|PMS is a very cost-effective and low-maintenance tool for managing reservations. There are no costly hardware, software or regular upgrade investements involved, like with traditional server-based software solutions. All you need is a browser and Internet access.

*reconline|PMS is currently only available in Switzerland.